BASA conducts monthly board meetings, maintains a web site, publishes newsletters and during the legislative session, sends weekly email updates and action alerts to keep its members informed.

BASA’s leadership meets with the Superintendent and staff members biannually to share data and confer on issues of importance to its members.  BASA is also involved in discussions relative to compensation and benefits with district staff.

BASA’s executive director audits all school board meetings and represents the interests of the membership at board meetings and other significant committee meetings.

BASA serves as a source of information and data that express the terms and conditions of employment, salary and fringe benefits of the membership.  BASA belongs to a coalition of 13 districts that share data and work for common goals and work with other organizations on common goals. This coalition now has a seat on the board of FASA.

BASA is involved in developing proposals that deal with selected educational issues at the local, state and federal levels by direct contact with School Board members and legislators and by written communication.

BASA has formed a Committee of Continuous Existence and sponsors informational activities for members concerning candidates for School Board and other local offices.

BASA has a legal defense assistance policy that assists members with financial help for legal expenses incurred in their defense.

BASA sponsors 4 or more scholarships for deserving students each year.  At least two of the scholarships is awarded to the child of a BASA member.  

BASA is a sponsor of the district’s annual ABC Awards and participates in the recognition of the Outstanding Principals and Assistant Principals. BASA sponsors refreshments at Leadership Team Meetings, Curriculum Contact Meetings and other meetings of affiliate groups.

BASA sponsors two socials each year:  an informal back-to-school social in August and a member/guest only party in January. The fund-raiser for the scholarship fund takes place at the party in January.

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