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Gary Shiffrin

Executive Director

Gary Shiffrin became the new Executive Director in 2014. He replaced Marjorie Ebersbach who was Executive Director for nine years.  Gary retired as a Principal from BCPS in July 2013.

Officers for BASA are elected every two years.  The current officers will serve until June 2017.

The Board of Directors is charged with conducting the business of the association.  Members are elected to two-year terms.  The seats on the Board are structured to represent the constituent groups of BASA.

ESF - Jeanette Ransom

Maintenance - Herb Johnson

Transportation - Glen Brown

Secretaries - Kathleen Seibert

Café Managers - Annette Artura

HS Principals - Dr. Ken Winn

MS Principals - Lena Wiebelt

Elem Principals -  Carl Brown

High Schl APs - Lisa Kratz

Middle Schl APs - Melissa Hall

Elem APs - Catherine Murphy & Blair Nave

At Large - Sherri Bowman

Retirees - Patty Martin

CCE - Richard Myers


Dr. Richard Dunkel, Principal

Fairglen Elementary


Jean Bartleson, Principal

Enterprise Elementary


Dr. Nel Marshall, Principal



Krista Miller, Principal

Astronaut High

Past President

Dr. Pam O’Kell, Principal