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BASA’s Scholarship Program

BASA awards at least four $500 scholarships each year.  Funds from the scholarships come from member dues and fundraising activities.  Each high school nominates one senior to compete for a BASA scholarship.  Seniors who are children of BASA members may also apply for the Daniel T. Scheuerer Scholarship.  One or more may be awarded, depending upon qualifications and availability of funds.  The committee also selects one nominated applicant to receive the Marjorie Helms Ebersbach Pursuit of Educational Excellence Scholarship.

Applications are handled by the BASA Scholarship Committee. Forms are available from the Brevard Schools Foundation.

Types of Scholarships

BASA/A Scholarship (Number of scholarships / dollar amounts vary) **Student must have at least a 2.5 GPA; only one applicant per school based on principal’s recommendation.  Among those receiving BASA/A scholarships, one distinguished recipient will be identified as receiving the Marge Ebersbach Scholarship.  Please submit this application to your school’s guidance counselor and not directly to the Brevard Schools Foundation.

BASA/A – Daniel T. Scheuerer Scholarship (Number of scholarships / dollar amounts vary)

**Student must have at least a 2.5 GPA; one parent must be a member of BASA/A. 

Please submit this application directly to Dr. Richard Dunkel, Principal, Indialantic Elementary and not your school’s guidance counselor.